Sunday, March 29, 2009

One Legged Hop

This was the final assignment for the workshop class. We were to take Animation Mentor's one-legged robot and make it hop. It appears quick because I kept the hop to a second in length at my mentor's request.

Robot Arm

This includes assignments 9 & 10. Originally, this Animation Mentor provided scene had a can and a block, but keeping to my "little king" theme, I replaced the can with the king and the block with the horse.

Assignment 9 was for us to take the provided robot arm and animate it "picking up" a can and placing it on a block on the other side within 4 seconds. It appeared to go through the motion as if it had picked it up.

In assignment 10, we actually learned how to "pick up" the object. This is the final product of both assignments.

Double Circle

This was assignment #8. It involved having a sphere going in a circle, importing a second one and changing its path. I had fun with this. It was interesting to hear my mentor, Kristina, particularly like it because it reminded her of an orrery . . . I had to look it up to know what she was talking about . . . now, I understand.

Circular path

This was assignment #7. The objective was to make a sphere move in a perfect circle. After doing that, I did a second one including my "little king". I thought it was fun, but the "thumbs up" and head turn animation were really rough because I didn't know what I was doing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little King in Space

This was our first animation. We were to take a sphere (ball) and move it around in space . . . in my mind . . . "little king" = sphere.

Lighting and Shading

Workshop Assignments #4 & 5. For these two assignments I decided to combine them into one. The first half of the week we learned how to color (or in Maya terms "shade") our character and scene. The second half of the week we learned how to add lighting and control the shadows.

These pictures are snapshots from different camera angles I set up in this scene. If you look at assignment #3's images, you can see the camera representations indicated in green.

Making a Scene

Workshop Assignment #3. In this assignment we were to take the character we had created and place him in a scene.

Since he was a king, I placed a crown on his head, a sword in his hand and a faithful steed to carry him through the woods.

I absolutely loved creating everything in this assignment.

Little King Occupies 3D Space!

This is the second assignment I had with Animation Mentor's Maya Workshop. The purpose was to create a stick figure from scratch with working joints.

Instead of doing a stick figure, I thought it would be fun to create my little king character I posted earlier in a Daily Sketch (Card Design).

When you initially create (or in Maya terms "model") something in Maya, the default color is gray.

The first assignment is not posted because it was not interesting enough to post. It involved placing shapes on a bookshelf Animation Mentor provided.

Hippo Hummingbird

Daily Sketch - create a creature combining a hippo and a hummingbird.

PC vs. Mac

Daily Sketch - draw a scene capturing the "PC vs. Mac" commercial characters.

Fire Elemental

Daily Sketch - create a character from the element of fire.

This actually is the second version of this subject. The first one I did in 2008 was a lame matchstick character - this one I liked much better.

Little King - His Reign Begins

Daily Sketch - create a design for a deck of cards.

This is the first sketch of my little king. During my Animation Mentor Maya Workshop he proved to be my inspiration during that quarter.

A Wild Ride

Daily Sketch - draw a wild ride that could be found at an amusement park.

I envisioned the boy riding a coin operated ride first . . . then I thought it would be interesting to have him ride a slippery fish . . . then I thought Barracuda . . .


Daily Sketch - create a character based on a font.

I found a font on my PC called: Chiller. It has a painterly messy "scary" appearance. I'd like to redo this one because, once again, I did not capture the essence of the thumbnail in my final.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Deep-sea Diving

Daily Sketch - draw a deep sea diving scene.


Daily Sketch - draw the interior of a clock.

Not wanting to draw the high details, I thought it would be fun drawing a clock losing some of his parts as he was walking along.

Buzzard Man

Daily Sketch - create a character crossing a man and vulture.

I like the pose better in the thumbnail.


Daily Sketch - draw a dragon.

Not wanting to draw a typical looking dragon, I thought it would be fun to try a graphic approach (more flat than realistic).


Daily Sketch - create a creature crossing a zebra and elephant.


Daily Sketch - draw a leprechaun.

I really like the fists and stance better in the thumbnail.

Gator Catcher

Daily Sketch - create a vehicle for catching alligators.

King of Fools

Daily Sketch - create a king.

Chicken Man

Daily Sketch - create a person with creature attributes.

Again I think the thumbnail had parts I didn't achieve in the final. I really like the thumbnail's head.

Darth Maul Caricature

Daily Sketch - create a Star Wars character caricature.

I still got to figure this one out, I don't think the "motion" lines are right.


Daily Sketch - create a creature from a fruit or vegetable.

Earth Villain

Daily Sketch - create an earth villain.

Sea Villain

Daily Sketch - create a sea villain.

Bug Villain

Daily Sketch - create a bug villain.

I always find it interesting that often the thumbnail catches an essence that the refined and polished version misses.

Box Monster

Daily Sketch - make a creature from a box.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Heavy heart

Daily Sketch - Valentine's Day

I think this was a daily sketch around Valentine's Day 2008. Instead of the typical lovey-dovey cupid stuff, I wanted to drawing something focusing on those with a heavy heart due to broken relationship or loneliness while everyone else is flying high.

The proportions aren't right, but it captures the essence of what I wanted to convey.

Rabbit head

Daily Sketch - random creature head.

Armadillo Man

Daily Sketch - Cross a man and an armadillo

Crouching pose was the focus.

Sleep Walking

Daily Sketch - I can't remember the subject.

This turns out to be one of my favorites. I pulled off the pose and expression I wanted. What's funny about this one, a lot of people ask me why he's wearing sneakers, a t-shirt and boxers . . . hmmm . . . good question . . . how about: he's a sleep walking werewolf . . . I suppose that means I need a moon . . .