Monday, July 27, 2009

180 Degree Jump Polish(ing - is it ever done?)

Class 2 - Week 4: This week we were to polish (smooth out) the animation we've been working on for the last couple of weeks.

We were to also post the video reference and planning sketches for the next animation we are going to create. The choices were:

1. Hop on one leg (minimum four hops)
2. Lose balance and fall down
3. Jump up and off a box
4. Skipping (minimum four skips)
5. A simple dance move
6. Climbing/descending steep stairs
7. Drunken stumble
8. Walk in a heavy windstorm
9. Steps on sticky gum
10. Parkour no arms

I chose to capture the action of #3 - jumping up and off a box.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Photoshop brushes - you gotta love them!

One of my favorite ways to get inspired is to check out favorite illustrator blogs.

Recently an artist, Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, announced he was going to be selling a vinyl maquette of a character he created called "Kuta". As a part of his package contents, he wanted to include some postcards so he posted an art card contest.

As I was checking out a blog of another favorite artist, Joe Vriens, I noticed he had created one for Cheeks. I loved what he had done, so I downloaded it to put on my computer desktop.

The other day, for a creative break, I thought it would be fun to take Joe's work (which had a white background) of Cheeks' Kuta and add a Photoshop background with some cool brushes a friend gave me. I had a blast! Enjoy!

180 degree Re-Blocked

[Original has been removed - "better" can be seen in Week 4]

Class 2 - Week 3: After getting awesome feedback from my mentor Jason Martinsen, I went through the animation and reworked the leg swing, jump arc, landing and turn to be more smooth (as smooth as blocking can get). Front, side and 3/4 views are included in this video because Jason wanted them for more in-depth critique (which is much appreciated).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blocking the 180 degree jump

[Original has been removed - "better" can be seen in Week 4]

Class 2 - Week 2: Block in the 180 degree jump. This means, animate all the key poses. It appears a bit chunky because there are no in-betweens yet - that comes in the polishing step.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Class 2 - "Psychology of Body Mechanics" has started!

Class 2 - Week 1: Starting at a run.
We are to choose one of the following to video ourselves then sketch out our planning. I chose number 8. Below the list are my planning sketches.

1. Take a big step to the side
2. Kick a ball
3. Hopscotch
4. Jump over a gap
5. Walk to a stop/settle
6. Walk up a few stairs
7. Walk down a few stairs
8. Jump up and turn 180 degrees in the air and land/settle
9. Turn 180 degrees
10. From a stopped position, take a big step forward and settle