Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Class 3 - "Advanced Body Mechanics" Begins!

Class 3 - Week 1: After a week and a half break we are getting back to it.

Looking at the term, here's the overall plan: Viking Stewie sees sword in stone up on hill and goes through obstacles getting to it.

Animation 1 = Run and wall climb
• Viking Stewie sees sword in stone up on distant hill
• Runs and climbs over wall
• Lands on other side and recovers

Animation 2 = Running jump across river on moving target
• Viking Stewie sees river and monster
• Sneaks up near the river
• Runs and jumps on the back of the monster then to shore
• Runs into forest

Animation 3 = Forest scramble with final heavy sword pull
• Viking Stewie scrambles up hill through forest
• Goes to sword in stone
• Pulls it out of stone (heavy pull)
• Lifts in victory

Monday, September 28, 2009

Progress Reel Title Card - Class 2

Class 2 - Week 12: Final assignment was to fill out a survey about the class and upload our progress reel. Above is the title card. The animations are the same as what has already been posted so I won't be posting them again.

Class 2 finished!

Class 2 - Week 11: This is the final animation for Class 2 term of Animation Mentor