Sunday, February 22, 2015

SketchClub #109: Presidents Day related - sketch

. . . the horse is cool looking . . .

SketchClub #108: Camelot related - final

I ended up modeling the knight in Maya. This is a base mesh
so he looks a bit chunky. Looking at him several weeks later,
I'm not digging the axe head top and definitely not
the front of the helmet. Must change . . .

SketchClub #107: Camelot related - sketch

Here are some studies . . . I thought it funny how the lower right
stylized one ended up looking more like a ninja.

SketchClub #105: Greek Mythology related - sketch

I decided to study a couple of two lesser known Greek Mythological beasts

SketchClub #104: Grinch family member part 2 - Final

I took the upper left corner silhouette below and colored him . . .
I thought it funny how he ended up with a soulpatch like me . . .