Saturday, February 2, 2013

SketchClub started mid-September 2012

Wk 3 - Theme: Giant messenger gnome

Wk 4 - Theme: Halloween monster

Wk 7 - Theme: Merfolk

Wk 8 - Theme: Purple People Eater concepts

Wk 9 - Theme: Hysterical turkey

Wk 10 - Theme: Pirate centaur

Wk 11 - Theme: Troll

Wk 12 - Theme: Something with teeth

Wk 14 - Theme: Re-imagined nursery rhyme character

Wk 15 - Theme: Caveman

Quinn wedding reception tree

Unexpectedly I found myself painting this tree for a couple (Kevin and Renee Quinn) in the end of August 2012 who wanted this for their wedding reception. Instead of guests signing a book, they had them stamp and sign leaves on the tree. Very clever.