Monday, January 3, 2011

Labels for this year's Christmas gifts

Got a gift certificate from a friend to a "U-brew" place in downtown Edmonds called Gallaghers'. They provide the equipment and kits to brew your own beer, wine, hard ciders and root beer.

I decided to turn the brewing opportunity into Christmas gifts this year. In combination with an art challenge from one of my nieces, I designed the labels that went with the root beer I bottled and the two ciders I brewed.

This was brewed by Gallaghers'. I was hoping to brew it, but ended up just
bottling it. It's the best of the bunch!

As mentioned in the title, this cider tastes great.

Much to my disappointment this cider didn't taste
much like pear. It tastes more like champagne.
Its still a nice cider, but I was really looking forward
to it tasting like pear . . .


pointpusher said...

Paul, what an AMAZING gift this was. The Mrs. and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you and Happy New year amigo!

PFC said...

Excellent! I'm glad you two enjoyed them.

Jon Thomson said...

Labels look really cool Paul. I enjoyed the root beer with my dinner the other night. Thanks again.