Thursday, June 18, 2009

Class 1 is Finished!

For the final assignment we were to fill out a survey and post all our finished animations into a "progress reel". Since you can see all of them in my past posts, I'm only including my title card.

Wahoo! Week 12 is done and Class 1 is finished. We get a week off for a break then hit Class 2 on June 29. I'm going to Maryland to visit my oldest sister and her family - good times!

Balance and "Gotta Pee"

Week 11: This week we were to capture the sense of balance in our Stu pose.

As for the animation, it was the final assignment. We were to get Ballie to walk with personality. You should be able to learn something about Ballie based on his walk.

This two part assignment was a tough lesson. I learned the KISS rule clearly. I bit off more than I could chew (too much going on). Should have kept it to a simpler walk. Because of the complexity and super busy time at work, I was not able to polish to the degree I hoped.

The walk part of the animation appears a bit fast. I liked its urgency, but it appears too choppy. I suppose I could have tried simplifying the number of poses in the cycle to appear simpler and clearer. Still figuring this one out . . .


Week 10: This week, the pose was to capture the body expression "Exhaustion".

The animation was to block in a walk with personality. It's so rough, I'm not going to post it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Elusive smooth, wherefore art thou?

Week 9: The pose this week was "Concerned". This one was tough. When I asked family and friends to vote, the votes were all over the place.

My final pose actually turned out to be a hybrid. I liked the nail-biting of #8 but wanted to down-play the emotion. It too easily can appear scared. I ended up taking the legs from #6 (#8's knees originally were knocking together) and upgraded them to an "interrupted" walk. I took his right hand down and used the arm pose from #7.

For animation, I was to take last week's animation and smooth it out. Wow, there's a lot to learn about a smooth walk. I really would like to rework it, but my workload (home and at work) is too much. I hope sometime I'll get to fix it.