Friday, June 5, 2009

Elusive smooth, wherefore art thou?

Week 9: The pose this week was "Concerned". This one was tough. When I asked family and friends to vote, the votes were all over the place.

My final pose actually turned out to be a hybrid. I liked the nail-biting of #8 but wanted to down-play the emotion. It too easily can appear scared. I ended up taking the legs from #6 (#8's knees originally were knocking together) and upgraded them to an "interrupted" walk. I took his right hand down and used the arm pose from #7.

For animation, I was to take last week's animation and smooth it out. Wow, there's a lot to learn about a smooth walk. I really would like to rework it, but my workload (home and at work) is too much. I hope sometime I'll get to fix it.

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