Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wahoo! I'm an ArenaNet University Artist Intern!

Below is the skills test I submitted for my application for the internship:


Thys & Betsy said...

Congrats Paul - hope you have a grand old time there. So cool to see you pursuing your dream!


NKato said...

I live locally, so I wonder if I can get into it as a concept artist. As it is now, my 3D skills are very, very basic. :|

PFC said...

Thys: It was an absolutely mind-blowing experience. I loved every minute of it.

NKato: I don't know your skill level, but I hope you are drawing like crazy. The Concept Artists at ArenaNet are insanely talented. You've got to go for it and try to land a Concept Artist job with any entertainment company to get experience and find out what your style is. Make sure to have your portfolio online with only your best stuff. Then get your resume out there and link them to your website. Once you are good enough and there's a position open, they will call you in for an interview.