Saturday, February 6, 2010

Learning 3D Max - Oy!

This was a complicated piece, but it was an excellent project to learn a new software. Up until now we've been modeling everything in Maya (a game and movie studio favorite). This new program is called 3D Max (another studio favorite). We learned to model this from scratch.


Another Pop Quiz - a butcher block

This so far, is my favorite project.We were to model and texture from scratch an item that belongs in a market. Since it had the fish, I had to do it.

WIP - a work in progress modeling Tak

Stool Pop Quiz

This was a fun little pop quiz the teacher pulled on us. From scratch, we were to model and texture this object within a day.

Changing Pops Facial Expressions

Neutral Expression & Brows up

Brows down & Frown

Pucker & Smile

Got to love Zbrush sculpting!

First day on ZBrush

First time on Zbrush. What a hoot! 
It's not done, but I had fun doing it.

First Character Assignment: Pops

If you check out the Sky Avengers website, you'll see this character. He's a great project. We've learned to model, sculpt, texture, rig and animate this character.

3D Training Academy

November 23rd I started the 3D Training Academy's Sky Avengers program to learn how to become a computer animation modeler. Having a blast!

AM Class 3 is Finished!

Class 3 - Week 12: Above is the demo reel compiling all the "final" animations for the 3 classes. Below is the Class 3 title card I created for it.

I don't know what the deal is but for some darn reason the Class 3 title is blurry. No matter what I do, it always blurs when I import it into Quicktime. I've done the same method for Classes 1 & 2 and they both came out beautifully clear.